Tips for Cleaning Laminate Floors

Do you have laminate floors that need a little shine? This guide to cleaning laminate floors will teach you to do it properly without damaging the floors.

Laminate is a type of flooring material made out of particleboard. A printed layer that resembles hardwood and clear protective coating are layered on top. This gives laminate flooring the appearance of hardwood, but with a little more durability.

Because of their unique construction, there is a particular method for cleaning laminate floors. Understanding what that method is can help you keep your floors from becoming damaged.

Maintain a Regular Schedule for Cleaning Laminate Floors

The simplest way to keep your laminate floors from becoming scuffed or dirty is to maintain a regular cleaning schedule. You don’t want to use harsh chemicals. Instead, use a broom or vacuum to remove dirt, grime and other particles that could scratch the surface of your floor.

Reduce Moisture Exposure

While laminate flooring is resistant to moisture damage, it is not immune to it. Leaving water standing on top of your floors can lead to bubbling, warping or similar damage. If you use any sort of wet cleaner on your laminate floors, make sure that it is labelled for use on laminate floors.

If you have laminate flooring in the entrance or exits of your home, you may want to consider covering it with an area rug. Not only are high traffic areas more likely to scuff, their proximity to the outdoors means that moisture and mud can cover your laminate flooring. A rug will act as another barrier, and can be easily washed or replaced as needed.

Mopping is acceptable if you wring out the mop enough so that there is no moisture left behind after you go over your floor. You should always immediately blot up spills with a mop to prevent staining. Never use a steam cleaner on laminate flooring, as the heat and moisture can cause your flooring material to break apart.

Avoid Using Wax or Polish

Even though laminate flooring is a wood product, you do not need to wax or polish it. In fact, applying wax or polish can lead to scratching and damage to the surface of your laminate floors. Likewise, you should avoid any polishing or sanding machines, which can break down the upper protective layer of your flooring.

For particular stains that affect your laminate flooring, you should use nail polish remover on paper towel. Be sure to wipe down the area with a damp paper towel afterwards, so that no nail polish remover remains. Even a small amount of residue can lead to staining, white spots or physical damage.

Never use abrasive cleaning utensils like steel wool either, which can leave scars on the surface and allow water to seep into your flooring.

Clean Your Home and Floors Today

Following the above tips will allow you to take the steps necessary to keep your laminate floors clean. It will also help you avoid well-meaning cleaning procedures that could damage or strip away parts of your laminate flooring.

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