Have you ever wondered how to make a bed the way they do in hotels? In this guide, discover the steps to make a bed.

People who make their beds every day are statistically happier than people who don’t.

That revelation was reported in 2012 by Psychology Today. It was based on a survey by Hunch.com, which found that 71% of bed-makers consider themselves happy, while 62% of non-bed-makers consider themselves unhappy.

But how do you make a bed? Here are the basics.

Make a Bed like a Pro

Start by gathering your essentials. Every bed should have the following, in this order:

  • A bottom or fitted sheet.
  • A top sheet.
  • A comforter, duvet, quilt, or blanket.
  • A pillow or pillows with pillowcases.

Additionally, you could add a mattress pad in between the fitted sheet and the mattress for added comfort. They provide another layer of protection for your bed — and they’re easier to clean.

And if you’re feeling extra decorative, pillow shams and bed skirts add a nice touch.

Remove Old Linens

Now that you’ve set aside your desired linens, you’ll want to remove the old ones. The ideal frequency for washing them is every week. If you’re not washing your sheets today, it’s best to at least shake them out before making the bed. Remember to keep them off the floor.

Put on the Bottom Sheet

If you have a mattress pad, put that on top of the mattress before you move onto the bottom sheet. Then, if your bottom sheet is fitted, simply stretch the corner pockets over the corners, and adjust it to cover the perimeter of the bed. Be sure to tuck it under the mattress.

If your bottom sheet isn’t fitted, you’ll need to take a few extra steps to create “hospital corners.” Here’s a handy tutorial on how to do that.

Put on the Top Sheet

Spread it evenly over the bed. The large hem should be aligned with the head of the mattress. You can leave a little excess at the top if you want to fold the top sheet down over the blanket, or you can make it perfectly even with the bed and cover it with your comfort, duvet, quilt, or blanket.

Tuck it in at the end of the bed and at each of the bottom corners. This is where hospital corners come in again! Be sure to leave most of the bottom untucked on the sides, so it’s easier to get in and out of the bed. But if you’re making a guest bed or one that’s not used often, feel free to tuck as tightly as you please.

Add the Blanket, Comforter, or Duvet

Just like with your top sheet, you want your blanket, comforter, or duvet to be spread evenly over the bed and have the same amount of overhang on both sides. Fold any excess at the top over the blanket, if desired.

Fluff and Position Your Pillows

If your pillows aren’t dressed yet, turn the pillowcases inside out. Put your arms into the inside-out pillowcase, then grab two corners of the pillow and pull the case over. Tip: Make sure the tags of your pillow are not on the open end of the case.

Fluff your pillows like you’re playing the accordion. Then, position them to your liking. Keep the open end of your pillowcases facing away from the door. You can tuck the pillows flat under the blanket, or prop them up vertically against the wall or headboard.


The more often you make a bed, the less time it’ll take. It’s even better to not make your bed as soon as you wake up. Instead, wait a couple of hours it to air out, otherwise, you’ll trap dust mites in the warm, moist environment.

Don’t have time to make your bed every day? Looking for other ways to keep your house clean? Request a quote today.