The average American woman will spend 12,896 hours of her life cleaning. While the average American man will spend 6,448 hours of his life cleaning. With a disproportionate share like this, it’s no wonder 47% of couples living together say they argue about cleaning their home!

It’s not all bad news, though; you can save yourself many of these hours (and arguments!) by following our five top cleaning tips from professional cleaning services!

1. Get a Cleaning Caddy

How often have you gone to clean the upstairs bathroom before realizing you’ve left everything you need in the downstairs one?

This back and forth between rooms trying to find the right cleaning products wastes precious time. Buying a cleaning caddy helps you avoid this. 

You can fill this with all the cloths, rags and products you need. We suggest simplifying your products to do this or getting a separate bathroom cleaning caddy.

2. Get Strategic

When house cleaners come into your home, they’ve already got a plan of how they’ll tackle it in their head. They’ll know which room they’re heading to first and the route they’re going to take around the house to make their time there the most efficient. 

They’ll also know to tackle the big jobs first in every room. Scrubbing out the oven or cleaning off a dirty hob will create more debris that you’ll have to vacuum up again, so get the messy jobs out the way first!

3. Turn the Music Up

We get it; cleaning is a chore, so we’re not going to say make it fun because for some people, that’s impossible!

However, you can get your pulse going and give yourself a needed energy boost by playing some music. This should be something upbeat that makes you want to move. So create a playlist and turn the volume up — loud!

4. Don’t Put Off Bigger Jobs

Putting off the bigger jobs and telling yourself they don’t need doing every day is creating more work for you later down the line. It’ll be harder to clean them and take up more of your time and energy. Do them when they need doing to avoid this.

This includes things like:

  • Cleaning showers and bathtubs every week
  • Cleaning the oven every other week
  • Wiping down kitchen counters every day
  • Vacuuming every day if you have pets
  • Washing the dishes after every meal or loading the dishwasher
  • Picking up clutter when you see it

5. Learn to Delegate

The statistic we opened within the introduction shows how many more hours women put into cleaning the household than men. The reality is everyone in the home should be pitching in equally. Not only is it fair, but it will save you a ton of time.

Sit down together and discuss who is responsible for which daily chores. Children should also be taught from a young age to tackle smaller chores like tidying up toys. If anyone is struggling to stick to it, create a cleaning chart to keep it simple.

Of course, another alternative to save yourself time is to source residential cleaning services. On average, you’ll gain back 30 days a year using maid services. Think of what you could achieve with another 30 days in your year!

Hire Professional Cleaning Services

Cleaning is a chore, but you can be more efficient by following these simple tips. Be organized, delegate, and tackle chores when they need doing to keep a tidier home.

Alternatively, if you’d like to hire professional cleaning services in Waco, Texas, get in touch.