Refrigerator Organization in 10 Simple Steps

When is the last time you’ve checked what’s hiding in the back of your fridge? Quick refrigerator organization will keep your products looking mesmerizing.

When is the last time you checked what’s hiding in the back of your fridge?

If you cannot remember then there are rotten food remains in there, mixed food odors and everything is all over. This is why you need a quick refrigerator organization to keep your products looking mesmerizing.

Below are simple tips to refrigerator organization.

Empty It Out

The first thing to do when organizing your fridge is to clean it out first.

Take out all the foodstuff and the shelves. As you empty it, have a place to throw-away food that is already spoilt. Read the food labels and do away with expired food items.

Doing this helps your fridge to breathe as you start to clean and organize it.


Having emptied the fridge, assemble your cleaning materials.

Two tips when it comes to cleaning; use clean, warm water to ease the stains and a disinfectant. As well, soak the shelves and the drawers in warm soapy water.

Start by wiping the inside and focusing on the corners. After the shelves and the drawers have soaked, be sure to clean them. Dry them as you put them back in place.

Deodorize and Reassemble

You may be amazed at the thought of deodorizing, but it is this simple. Baking soda in a small container that sits in the fridge keeps the fridge fresh. Alternatively, you can shop for fridge deodorizers in the form of stickers.

It is a good idea to line the shelves with water-resistant shelf liners as this makes it easy to clean out. This way, no everything gets sticky with a single mess.

Upper Shelves

This compartment carries foods that need to be eaten now.

This is where you keep last night’s left-over food. You are more likely to notice it and clear it before it soon deteriorates.

Foodstuff that is close to the expiry date should occupy the upper shelves.

Lower Shelves

Once you finish with the upper shelves, you figure out how to organize all the remaining stuff. There is packaged meat, legumes, salads, and raw vegetables.

Assort these food items into categories. Find jars in which you can store the items. Make use of your plastic dishes, mayonnaise glass jars, and plastic bags with seals.

Storing the foodstuff in containers makes the lower-shelves organized.


Drawers are usually the messiest part of the fridge.

This is where you dump all your fruits. When organizing the drawers, use drawer dividers. Drawer dividers can be improvised straws or any good looking wire. Once the drawer is divided, organize each type of fruit in its own row.

Avoid mixing the fruits as they ripen.

Use File Organizers

File organizers are not only for the office. They are also great for the fridge, but you don’t need the file, the technique.

If you have those kinds of drawers that are trapezium like organize food staff from front to back. File-organizing increases your fridge capacity.

Stack Together

You probably are wondering how to store soda or milk packets.

Well, it is quite simple. Stack them. One on top of the other. Put these in one of the lower shelve compartment.

The shelves will remain intact even after you remove a piece from the stack.

Fridge Door

Did you know that this is the warmest part of the fridge? Yes, it is. And so condiments, sauces, and butter belong here. No eggs or milk should be placed on the fridge door.

Stalling the Odors

More than looking neat and organized, a fridge needs to smell fresh.

Activated carbon from a pest store absorbs odors from the foods. Activated carbon works even better than a deodorizer because it keeps the fridge fresh-smelling weeks after your cleaning.

Refrigerator Organization

These simple refrigerator organization tips can be summarized as clean, sort, and place. Simply you need to be more cautious of where you place the different items in the fridge.

By first partitioning your fridge, then you don’t have to know which item belongs where. These organizing hacks will help you to keep your fridge always organized.

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