Weekly or Monthly Maid Service: Which Do You Need?

How often does your house feel dirty and what’s your budget? Do you need a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly maid service? This guide will help you decide.

The unkempt appearance of a home indicates the assistance of a monthly maid service. The sad state of your home can be embarrassing as well as overwhelming. Your hectic schedule could make it impossible for you to keep up with your daily cleaning requirements.

You might not have enough time to tackle the job of cleaning a smelly bathroom or removing the musty odor from the attic. House cleaning is an essential chore that keeps your living space beautiful all year round.

Here is a helpful guide that you can follow to determine how often you need to clean your home.

1. Use a Monthly Maid Service

The rooms you use frequently in your home should be cleaned on a regular basis. Cleaning any room makes the living space more sanitary, beautiful and aesthetically appealing. By sticking to a regular schedule, you’re assured that your home will remain spotless.

However, If you cannot engage in a daily cleaning routine, hiring a maid service is a good solution. A professional cleaning service helps to keep a home in perfect order. With this service, you can avoid rushing to clean up your home if you have guests coming over.

If you’re not in the habit of cleaning up after yourself, using a monthly cleaning service is a practical option. This gives you the advantage to eliminate tough areas that are too difficult to clean.

2. Clean the Bathroom Weekly

Do you need a weekly house cleaning service? Homeowners have the important goal to keep their living space presentable at all times. The bathroom is a significant area that is used daily and easily gets dirty.

Give your bathroom an in-depth inspection to determine specific areas that should be addressed. It is often a struggle to keep a bathroom organized and clean each day. That is why you will need someone to assist you with your weekly bathroom cleaning projects.

Weekly maid service is handy if you’re unable to keep up with the management of your bathroom chores. You might not have enough time to thoroughly scrub the tub, clean the shower stall or even the toilet. Furthermore, these difficult cleaning jobs require professional skills.

A maid service saves you time and gives you the benefit to keep your home pristine clean.

3. Weekly Kitchen Cleaning

kitchen cleaning can be carried out as often as needed. In most cases, maintaining a weekly cleaning routine is ideal. In order to retain the sparkling beauty of your kitchen, it helps to engage in weekly cleaning tasks. With daily cooking, kitchen supplies should be wiped down and scrubbed at least once a week. The kitchen floor should also be mopped and wiped regularly.

The entire state of your home is dependent on the care you give it. A thorough home cleaning requires significant time, energy and skill. If your goal is to achieve spotless results, you can utilize a monthly maid service to obtain a customized cleaning plan.

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