Did you know that on average, Americans spend about 2.5 hours per day cleaning their homes? 

That’s about 12,000 hours of our lifetime, a conservative estimate, that is spent on vacuuming, dusting, and general household cleaning. 

Did you know that if you hired a cleaning service you could save yourself about 30 days during the course of your lifetime? Well, we know it seems a bit drastic, but truth be told, there are things that deep cleaning services can do, that you simply cannot. 

Here’s why you should be deep cleaning your home. 

Deep Cleaning Versus Regular Cleaning 

You may have a glimmer of a thought that asks how big can the difference between deep cleaning and regular cleaning be, right? 

Truth be told, there are some drastic differences between the two. 

Regular cleaning sums up all the things that you do around the house on a regular basis, think of things like vacuuming, sweeping, wiping down counters, dusting shelves, and cleaning the bath. 

Deep cleaning goes way beneath the surface of that. Deep cleaning services involve the following:

  • Removing limescale and scum from bathroom and kitchen fixtures 
  • Moving and cleaning behind large appliances like your oven and refrigerator 
  • Cleaning skirting throughout the home 
  • Cleaning all windows both inside and out 
  • Deep cleaning the inside and outside of your oven 
  • Power washing of decks and patios 

And that’s not all! Some deep cleaning services some with an added bang for your buck, add in things like lampshades and cabinet washes too!

Regular cleaning throughout your home will always be handy but there’s nothing like a real, deep cleaning to make your house feel, look, and smell good. 

Benefits Of Deep Cleaning Services 

There are a number of benefits to hiring a deep cleaning service as opposed to attempting the massive job yourself, aside from the obvious one, which is that you don’t actually have to do it yourself! 

  • Receive a team that knows what they’re looking for and is experienced in beating any stubborn stain or dirt mark 
  • Save money in the long run on more expensive chemicals and cleaning products 
  • Get access to high-powered, high-quality cleaning gear that you wouldn’t ordinarily use 

These benefits are just the tip of the deep cleaning iceberg. Think of the convenience of hiring a deep cleaning services team as well as the time you would save. 

How Often Should You Do Deep Cleaning? 

How long is a piece of string? 

It all depends on the level of cleanliness you’d like to feel for you and your family, as well as for guests you may entertain. Truthfully, there are parts of your home that can go longer without a deep clean than others, and some that should be done more regularly. 

Chat to a professional company offering deep cleaning services, they should accurately guide you as to how often you need to schedule a deep clean, and what you need to do to be prepared for it. 

Don’t know where to start? 

Call us, we’ve got your deep cleaning requirements covered.