If you’re like 78% of other Americans, you spring clean your home at least once a year. Whether or not you look forward to it, it’s a chore many homeowners feel they need to do. 

But spring cleaning takes time and is hard work. As a result, you might wonder if there are any spring cleaning tips to follow to ease the workload. 

There are many great spring cleaning tips to follow. Are you ready to learn a few great ones?

Then, keep reading this guide as we teach you some of the best tips for getting your home in tip-top shape. 

Clean One Room at a Time

Some people like to clean their homes by performing one task throughout the entire home. Then, they move on to the next task throughout the house.

For example, some people dust everything in every room first. Then, they vacuum the whole house. This system works for some people, but cleaning one room at a time is a better option. 

You might consider working room by room as you prepare to spring clean, as it’s an effective method.

Make a Schedule 

Next, you should make a schedule. Cleaning the house takes time, especially when you want to deep clean every area.

You’ll feel less overwhelmed if you spread the tasks over several days instead of trying to tackle it all in one day. Thus, it would help if you made a schedule. 

Here’s an example:

  • Day 1: Living room, coat closet, and hallways
  • Day 2: Kitchen
  • Day 3: Bathrooms
  • Day 4: Bedrooms
  • Day 5: Everything else

You can have a clean home in just five days with this schedule. 

Remove Clutter

Additionally, you might want to begin each room by removing the clutter. Clutter makes a house look bad, but that’s not the only problem it causes. For example, it also poses safety hazards.

You might have obvious clutter sitting around, but you can also develop clutter in drawers, cabinets, and closets. One goal of spring cleaning is to remove all the clutter. 

Cleaning is simpler when you remove the clutter before beginning. So this is a great place to start. In fact, if you hire a cleaning service, they might ask you to remove the clutter before they deep clean your house. 

Work From the Top Down 

Finally, it’s helpful to use the “work from the top down” method. With this method, you start cleaning from the top and work your way down. Therefore, the last step is cleaning the floors.

Working from the top down reduces your workload, as dust and dirt fall to the ground while washing windows, doors, tables, and everything else. 

Follow These Spring Cleaning Tips

Following these spring cleaning tips might help you clean your home efficiently and thoroughly. Of course, you can always reach out for help if you need it.

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