Are you aware that approximately 74.1% of Americans declutter their homes annually?

In fact, around 54% of American households are overwhelmed by the huge amount of clutter they live with and can’t figure out how to deal with it. As a result, clutter takes up a huge portion of their space creating a smaller living area and making it harder to locate stuff or live in it.

However, there are many benefits of decluttering some of your possessions, streamlining, and organizing everything you own. If you’re tired of your household clutter, here are the best tips on how to get rid of clutter easily.

Create a Decluttering Timeline

Have a realistic and attainable goal timeline so that you can declutter your house without being overwhelmed. What you shouldn’t do when decluttering is pull out all your disorganized items without having a solid plan on how to sort them. It’s often recommended to have a thorough breakdown of the space or you need to declutter.

This way, you will be making huge strides in your overall decluttering timeline hence motivating you to keep a neat and tidy home.

Start With the Worst Spots

Decluttering the whole house is not an easy task. Disorganized clutter in an open space can be chaotic and harmful.

Decluttering in one go can be daunting, and that’s why it’s always recommended to start with the toughest areas and work your way to the easier tasks. This will help you eliminate any anxiety or stagnation that comes with decluttering your house.

Organize by Assembling Similar Items

On average, American households contain roughly 300,000 different items. A messy, disorganized house can cost you more than just your inner peace of mind. It’s much more convenient to organize your household’s items from one room to another by stacking up similar items that belong together.

In addition, engaging a reputable residential cleaning service will help you with ideas, tools, and equipment such as jars and boxes to store essential items. They will revamp your house and get rid of at least a few duplicate items sitting idle in your home.

Minimize Clutter by Storing Seasonal Items

Whether intentional or not, most people are attached to different sentimental items in their homes. Some of those items are only used once in a lifetime.

Getting rid of excess clutter is an easier way to declutter your house or shelve seasonal items. As a result, you will create a more usable and healthier environment.

Reduce Paper Clutter

Did you know that most Americans don’t even look at their mails or paperwork? Paper seems innocuous, but over time, it piles up and becomes a huge junk of annoying clutter. You’re advised to sort through them and dispose of stuff you don’t need such as old magazines, newspapers, and junk mail.

How to Get Rid of Clutter: Final Word

Decluttering is not a walk in the park. Without a good strategy, it can be exhausting and time-consuming. Always feel free to ask for help whenever you are overwhelmed.

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