Did you know grout does so much more than making your tiles look fantastic? 

Beyond giving your walls and floors a finished look, grout also keeps out water and holds tiles tight. Without it, your tiles will crack, fall out, or get stained. 

Now, if your grout looks the opposite of amazing, you may wonder if it’s time to start anew. Maybe you’re thinking of just removing everything and even changing the color of your grout. However, before you opt for this route, have you ever considered that perhaps you only need to clean grout stains?

If your grout’s still in good condition, there’s no need to start over. As long as you’re willing to put in the effort, you can get your tile grout clean again by trying these methods.

Cleaning Grout Stains: The Easy Way

You don’t need a special grout cleaner. If you have a medium-bristle nylon brush plus some warm water, those are enough to clean light grout stains.

It’s best to avoid stiff steel brushes as these can damage tile grout. After spraying warm water on the grout lines, use your grout scrubber, scrubbing in circular motions. The last step is to let everything dry, as you don’t want too much water to sit on the grout.

Remember, cement-based grout is porous. If it absorbs a lot of water, it becomes an ideal environment for mildew to grow.

Use Vinegar or a Baking Soda Paste

For easy tile cleaning, you can spray grout with a vinegar solution (1:1). Don’t let the solution stay on the grout for too long. After five minutes, scrub the surface with your grout scrubber.

This method is effective for kitchen grout and sealed grout. You don’t want to use vinegar on unsealed grout and color-sealed grout. Especially for the latter, acids can bleach your grout’s color and may even damage it.

As for baking soda, you don’t have to mix it with vinegar. Make a paste with water and apply it to the grout. Again, use your brush, then rinse and wipe dry. 

For Tough Stains, Consider a Grout Cleaning Service

You’ve tried a commercial grout stain remover, and while they work, you’re still worried about what’s in them. It’s not surprising since some products may contain bleach, solvents, and other harsh acids.

Another option you may have considered is steam cleaning, but perhaps you find this method time-consuming. If you can’t get the stains out, consider a deep cleaning service that includes tile grout scrubbing. It’s the most effective way to clean grout stains and is convenient for busy homeowners.

Say Goodbye to Grout Problems

If you can’t bear to look at grout stains, try the cleaning methods listed here before going for grout removal.

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