Office Building Cleaning Services Available in Waco, Hewitt, Woodway and nearby communities in McLennan County, Texas.

No matter what goes on at your office from 9 to 5, there is no question that cleanliness is essential. A clean office has so many different benefits for employees, clients and your business’s brand as a whole. But who can you count on to keep your office clean? You don’t want your employees taking time out of their days to sweep, dust and disinfect because they have better things they can do on your dime, like do the job they were hired for. And, unfortunately, you can’t count on them to police themselves to keep the area clean because they all have their own individual standards of cleanliness that may not be up to professional standards.

You can always make room on your staff for a cleaning person. They can stay on top of the office’s cleanliness all day, every day but that can get expensive. Not only will you have to pay them their salary, they may be eligible for insurance and other benefits that could start to affect your bottom line, particularly if there isn’t much cleaning to do besides minor jobs through Monday to Friday.

So, what are you supposed to do to make sure your office space is clean, comfortable and presentable to everyone that passes through your doors? The easy answer is to contact Sally’s Maid Service LLC to get a free estimate on our professional janitorial services.

We have been proud to offer office building cleaning services at affordable prices for many years. To find out more about what’s included in our office building cleaning services, give us a call today or continue reading below.

Discuss Your Office Cleaning Needs with Our Team

Every office space is unique, and the way it’s maintained should be too. Our janitorial experts will take the time to understand your office space and learn your expectations and goals for the cleaning service. We can schedule a time to complete a property assessment and create a customized cleaning plan.

Based on how often you’d like to schedule our janitorial service, the size of your space, and the level of service required, we’ll provide you with a detailed cost estimate.

To get your quote, contact us, and schedule a property assessment today.

Flexible Scheduling from Our Office Janitors

Hiring a professional janitorial team is important to your business’s success, but you don’t want to do so at the expense of your operation. Our team understands the sensitive nature of working in commercial settings, and we’ll do what we can to work around your schedule, delivering you services that are convenient and conducive to your daily operations.

We can work throughout the day or on the weekends upon your request – let us know what works best!

Improve Company Morale with Office Cleaning

Prioritizing commercial cleaning on your property will help boost morale within the workplace. Many studies have indicated that employees are much happier and more satisfied with their job when they spend their days in a clean and orderly work environment. A healthy office space can also help you and your staff be more productive and impact the success of your business as a whole.

Impress Clients and Business Partners with Regular Office Cleaning

It’s essential to put your best foot forward in a competitive business world and hiring a regular cleaning team is a great place to start. Keeping your space organized and sanitized will help you to develop and maintain an air of professionalism and respectability that your clients will notice – guaranteed.

When you trust our team, you can rest assured you’re making the right decision. We have years of collective experience, providing our clients with superior cleaning services designed to help them attract and retain great business partnerships.

We know what your clients are looking for, and we’ll work with you closely to make sure you always impress.

Commercial Cleaning for Every Budget

Running a business can be expensive, and while hiring a regular cleaning company is a worthy investment, you don’t want to blow your budget doing so. We are proud to offer our high-quality commercial cleaning services at competitive rates.

To learn more, contact us today!

Office Cleaning Done Your Way

Do you have specific cleaning techniques that you’d like our experts to use? Perhaps you only want to apply green cleaning products in your business? Whatever preferences you have, please let our experts know. We are more than happy to accommodate any specific requests and follow your directions and guidelines when working on your property.

Providing customized care is one of the many ways we work to make customer care and satisfaction our priority.

Office Cleaning Checklist

When you choose Sally’s Maid Service LLC as your office cleaning service provider, we utilize a customizable checklist to make sure that no stone is left unturned. Every office is used differently, which influences how the messes accumulate. To ensure customer satisfaction, we follow your instructions to a tee. The frequency of our services is up to you as are the priorities.

When you choose our office cleaning services, Sally’s Maid Service LLC’s team of licensed and bonded professionals will:

Daily Cleanings

  • Empty waste receptacles
  • Vacuum carpets and mats
  • Vacuum hardwood floors
  • Disinfect horizontal surfaces
  • Mop hardwood floors
  • Tidy reception area
  • Wipe all internal glass
  • Stock toilet supplies
  • Clean and polish bathroom mirrors
  • Mop restroom and kitchen floors

Monthly Cleanings

  • Vacuum vents and chairs
  • Clean glass inside and out
  • Spray and buff all hardwood floors

Your office building should be cleaned your way. That’s our philosophy and if you agree, give us a call today so that we can get to work devising a plan to effectively and efficiently clean your place of work. Once you have acquired our office building cleaning services, you will never have to worry about your business projecting an unprofessional image ever again.